Woof Systems' Privacy Policy for Drop Drops

Woof Systems collects very little information from Drop Drops, and shares none of it with anyone outside of Woof Systems.

Drop Drops is built using the Corona SDK from Corona Labs. Apps built with that SDK send information to Corona's servers. Thus, Drop Drops is covered by Corona Labs' Privacy Policy as well, which can be found here.

What is Collected?

Drop Drops sends to Woof Systems' servers the following information:

Why is it Collected?

Woof Systems is interested in how many players are playing Drop Drops, and for how long. We are also interested in seeing what devices and versions are the most popular for targeting updates and new features.

How often is Collected?

The collected information is sent to Woof Systems every time the Drop Drops app is started, or a game ends, but not if less than 24 hours has elapsed since the last time it was sent. Thus at most once every 24 hours. An exception to this occurs when a new best score is achieved, it is reported shortly thereafter.

How long is it Kept?

Who besides Woof Systems can see it?


Send correspondence about
"Drop Drops" to: dropdrops@woofsystems.net